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After the payment, if you place the wrong order, please call us immediately.
After the goods are shipped, the goods can only be exchanged without refund.



In principle, the shipment has been sold and no refund will be accepted for any reason.
In the following reasonable conditions, we can accept exchange goods :

The exchange should be under the following conditions :

(i) Good are broken during transaportation - 
Not suitable for light bulbs, tubes ,glass made fragile lampshades.
Colleagues will pack more and thicker materials for fragile goods but cannot guarantee other transportation conditions.
Therefore, for these fragile products, we strongly recommend that customers choose the company's delivery service to avoid losses. If the good is damaged due to the delivery, the company has the right not to accept the exchange.

(ii) Non-human damage, not operating after installation - 
For products such as table lamps and floor lamps that are not required to be installed, our staff will make a testing operation before the order sent out without affecting the packaging as possible. For other goods, we suggest the customer should test the operation after its installed. Should you have any questions, please call us within 7 days after receiving the goods to arrange the replacement.



Process of exchange:
• Please contact us by phone within 7 days after received the item, also provide proof of relevant photos or videos. Our colleagues will call back to follow up.
• Keep the bank receipt and complete packaging to the store for replacement or other courier request by customer.
• Our staff have the right to check the item condition and to retain to make the decision of whether they accept the exchange.


Terms of exchange :
•  When the price of the replaced item is lower than the price of the original item , will not be refunded.
•  If the price of the replaced item is higher than the price of the original item, the customer must make up the difference.
•  Except to the goods quality, the transportation costs incurred by the process of exchange will be beared by the customer (including free shipping item)



•  The online price and the market price shown at the shop may be different, there is no objection. The price should be based on the price on the order.
•  The store staff will check the integrity of the goods and decide whether to accept the exchange.
•  In order to reduce disputes, Lighting Fan Club will retain all return and exchange rights.