Refund and Exchange Policy

【 Refund 】

 The refund is acceptable only if a customer sent an wrong order, customer should contact us by phone as soon as possible before we send it out.
 After sent, we do not accept any refund due to any reasons.
 However, exchange goods are acceptable by any of the following reasons :

1) Goods are damaged during delivery            2) Goods are not operating after installated

► If you need to exchange goods, you should contact us within 3 working days from the day of receiving.
And KEEP the same good and packaging, together with the invoice , we will arrange for replacement.


► If the replacement item is lower than the price at the time of purchased online,
the balance will not be refunded. For products above this value, you need to pay for the difference.

【 Caution 】

► A possible different price between online and retail store .
► Our staff will check the integrity of the goods and decide whether to accept the replacement.
► In order to reduce the dispute, Lighting Fan Club will retain all the right to exchange.

► Tel : 2362 1608

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